about us

Hello my name is Darrel and this is my online store. My first store featured a good number of different products, from shade glasses to jewelry. I thought a good name for it was 'Things You Love', since it featured all kinds of mostly little items. It all seemed pretty confusing until I decided to narrow my collection down to just one item. I was not sure about which item, until I thought about a watch I had seen online. This watch is the most expensive watch in the world. It was made back in the 1930's and it still keeps perfect time. It was then that I decided to specialize in luxury watches. Well it wasn't just because I wanted to sell fancy watches. I am an antique lover and old watches as well as old cars, and furniture really appeal to me. That is why all the watches  in my store have an old fashioned look and charm, and I might add, a degree exquisite beauty. I know it is risky to  drop ship expensive items, but I never import anything that would not buy myself and that I could not get excited about. Because I narrowed my collection, I changed the name of my store from 'Things You Love' to 'Watch Creations.' Please feel free to view my collection. Here you will find a wide variety ranging from not so expensive to quite expensive but I think you will agree that they are all beautiful and elegant. Thank you for visiting my store.